Simple Elegance - Openbox Theme

  • Last updated: September 13, 2012

I've designed a theme for the Openbox window manager based on the principle of simplicity and clarity.

I designed the theme because, shortly after my transition to Openbox, I was unable to find a dark theme that was (very) simple, had corners, and didn't change the colors between active and inactive windows drastically. So I set out to design my own. I originally started by modifying the standard "Syscrash" theme included by default in Openbox, but over time it became unrecognizable and I've seen fit to publish it. My theme still uses the four icons from Syscrash, however, because I'm no graphics artist.

I call my theme "simple" because it uses only three colors and has corners. I call it "elegant" because it blends the colors in simple, consistent, and distinct ways. It's easy on the eyes, but it's smooth and not boring. Simple, yet elegant.

There are two variations of the theme, differentiated by their primary color. Both have a gray secondary color with blue accenting. Both are hosted at