My Hobbies

  • Last updated: January 7, 2014


Golf is one of my favorite sports. I like it because it requires precision and discipline, allows you to compete individually, and the principle and rules are simple and natural: Use flattened sticks to hit a small ball across a grassy lawn into a small hole. To play well you must both form a realistic plan and execute it. One of the most elegant parts of golf, to me, is that the game is played in discrete scoring opportunities, each of which allows for continuous progress toward the scoring goal. In other words, the method in which you get your score on each hole is irrelevant and because the scoring is discrete two players can earn similar scores while exhibiting very different levels of skill.

As an avid golfer, I keep detailed stats when I play. I primarily rely on a software program called Scorecard to manage my stats for me; a web portal with my stats is available here. A summary of my golf statistics follow (updated May, 2012):

  • Handicap: 16.5
  • Lowest 18 hole score (with a CR greater than 66): 85
  • Lowest 9 hole score (with a CR greater than 33): 36 (even par)
  • Lowest 18 hole differential: 16.1
  • Total birdies: 19
  • Total eagles: 0

Here is my choice of golf equipment. All these decisions were made carefully, balancing performance and economics -- as a result, I tend to get used clubs about 3 or so years old. While all my clubs are important and I always emphasize my short game, my club selections tend to focus on forgiveness and providing options on long holes. This lists more than 14 clubs, but I don't carry all of them -- usually only 13 at a time.

  • Driver: Adams Insight XTD a3 Boxer 10.5*, 44"
  • Fairway Wood: Adams IDEA Insight Tech a4 15*, 42.5"
  • Hybrids: Adams IDEA Tech a4 Boxer 19*, 22*
  • Irons (4-PW): Adams a4r (4 - PW)
  • Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM 52.08 (2009) | Titleist Vokey SM 56.11 (2009) | Titleist Vokey SM 58.08 (2009)
  • Putter: Odyssey White Hot Tour #9
  • Ball: Taylormade Burner Tour
  • Grips: Lamkin Crossline midsize
  • Glove: Callaway Warbird
  • Bag: Maxfli VT3 (8 pocket, 10-way divider)

Images of my clubs and bag: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik Cube solution I've used is a traditional set of only eight algorithms. I employ four of the algorithms in reverse to eliminate the need to perform multiple iterations of some of the moves. Although I use a simple solution, I can solve a cube in reasonable time and challenge myself for speed. My solve times are as follows:

  • Best Solve Times: 0:52, 0:54, 1:00
  • Average Solve Time: 1:15
  • Average number of turns per solve: 110

Here is an outline of my collection of cubes.

Rubiks Cube Collection


Bowling is one of the precision sports I enjoy. My throw has an axis of rotation of about 55 degrees and is slow compared to the average competitive bowler, yielding a mid-ish break point. I just throw straight to pick up spares. My ball is fitted to my hand and the weight is not too asymmetrical, so I can use it for both throws.