My Notepad Info

  • Last updated: February 20, 2013

My project "My Notepad Info" is an online notepad service located at the domain MyNotepad.Info. It's open-source and available on GitHub. It's a basic AJAX/PHP client and RESTful server combination.

My Notepad Info is a free, online application for storing and retrieving a text notepad. The goal is to provide users a simple, password-protected textbox in a minimal, keyboard-friendly form that can be smoothly be entered and exited. Instead of e-mailing oneself notes or URLs to bookmark or read later, you can just save them in your notepad and retrieve them from another computer.

I wrote the first version of My Notepad Info in 2006 because I was annoyed at not having a good way to save/send information to myself and many other online notepads I found fell short of what I wanted. Despite advances in mobile devices and cloud integration, I still use it in 2013. More information is on the project's website.