Internet Profiles

  • Last updated: January 9, 2015

Dogbert saying 'Bah'
This is a consolidated list of my accounts and profiles on noteworthy Internet sites, along with any appropriate badges for that account. Profiles linked from here should be considered mine, profiles that are not linked from here should not be. I have a very consistent set of user names; my primary handle is "B-Con", my backups are "Beacon" and some variation of "Prime_Derivation" (eg, "PrimeDerivation", "primederivation", "prime_derivation", etc). I usually use the avatar pictured here (Dogbert waving his paw saying "Bah").

Large Social Networks

Other Accounts

Forums and Q&A Sites

Some more forums that I don't considered myself active on:

* Forums marked with asterisk indicate that I am (or was) a moderator or administrator.

Product Reviews

I do my best to provide ratings to public feedback systems for things I buy. Here are my profiles for sites that have user reviews.