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  • By Brad Conte, October 27, 2007
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This is a list of resources on cryptography knowledge that I've compiled. The goal of this list is to cover the fundamental spectrum of cryptography and to touch on the higher mathematical end.

Index of Links

Pre-Cryptography Concepts

Fundamental Cryptography Concepts

Simple Encryption Algorithms

Encryption Algorithms

One-Way Hashes / Checksums


Online Resources

Encryption Programs

  • TrueCrypt -- Symetric key, disk/virtual disk encryption.
  • GPG -- Public key, multiple encryption options.
  • PGP -- Public key, multiple encryption options.
  • AxCrypt -- Symmetric key, individual file encryption.
  • DriveCrypt -- Symmetric key, whole disk encryption.
  • dsCrypt -- Symmetric key, individual file encryption (stand-alone EXE).
  • Snake Oil Encryption Software -- This isn't an encryption program, but it's a good article on how to evaluate encryption software.

Encryption Libraries

  • Crypto++ -- A C++ library under a custom, permissive license.
  • PolarSSL -- A C library under the GNU GPL license.
  • OpenSSL -- A C++ library under an Apache-style license.
  • Brian Gladman -- C source code for AES, SHA, and HMAC.

Cryptographer Resources

Historical Background

Cryptography Conferences:

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