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  • Last updated: October 22, 2013

Works of Mine

All computer code-based projects by the site author should contain a notice of the licensing information. If it does not, please contact me to know how to proceed. Small chunks of code by the site author that is "inline" with the text on this website (appearing as more of a "snippet" than an actual project) is placed under the MIT license unless otherwise noted.

All original written text on this website ( is copyrighted by the author (Brad Conte) and all rights are reserved. It may not be redistributed publicly without express permission (baring, of course, fair use quotes). If you wish to redistribute writing from this site, contact me. There is a running list of all works that I have expressly published on other web sites.

Works of Others

Works of others appearing on this site are used with permission and subject to the copyright of their respective owners.

Credit for works used on this site: