My Caffeine Fund

  • Last updated: March 30, 2013

I'm semi-addicted to caffeine. If you wish help sponsor the code or words the I write, you can donate to my caffeine fund. Donations of any size (literally) are appreciated. You have my word that every cent donated to this fund will be used for the purpose of buying caffeine, basically always in the form of Mountain Dew. Rest assured I won't spend a penny of it on over-priced coffee.


If you graciously wish to donate to my fund, please leave me a note in the transaction with the name/nickname you want to be identified here by, just in case it might not be obvious to me who you are by looking at your contact info. If you don't specify anything I'll just use the nickname I know you by and I'll link it to your website or your profile from where ever I know you from.

Below are the people who have donated to my fund so far, in reverse chronological order. Every last one of them is a beloved member of human society and upon death they will be admitted to sainthood and get their very own international holiday (while supplies last). As for people not on this list, well, I don't want to start rumors or engage in stereotyping, but I will point out the simple fact that every mass-murderer ever has been someone not on this list.

Caffeine Fund Status: $36.70 USD received so far. You guys rule.